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north fest


Can I take in my own food and drink to North Fest?

No, you are only allowed food and drink bought on the premises.

If you have a medical condition which relates to food or drink please contact our staff on arrival.

I have an enquiry regarding my tickets, who do I speak to?

You need to contact the ticket agency that you purchased your ticket from, please see the ticketing section of the website for a list of ticket agencies and their websites.

I have lost my ticket, what can I do?

Unfortunately tickets and wristbands cannot be replaced under any circumstances.

Can I smoke at North Fest?

The same regulations apply at North Fest as the rest of the country, you can smoke in the open air but not inside big tops and tents, look out for the ‘no smoking’ signs.

When can I arrive/leave by?

North Fest Doors open - 

What time is last entry to North Fest?

Last entry to North Fest is 5pm.

Are dogs allowed into the event?

No pets are allowed within the event site. Assistance Dogs, however, will be permitted.

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